By using the Easy BTC Miner Software, owned by NX Software Company, you agree to the following terms.

1. This software is protected by international copyright laws. It is forbidden to make changes on the structure, except for the purposes stated on the site.

2. Crypto currency mining uses computer hardware components at the top level. For this reason, there may be slowdown and warming in your system during mining. This software is programmed to use the computer hardware at a certain level and you are solely responsible for any problems that may arise with your computer hardware.

3. You can see the income you get from mining by logging into the system while the software is running. As BTC, you can withdraw the amount of time that appears in the system at the same amount. If you want to withdraw in DGB, you will withdraw the amount at the time of withdrawing at the price of DGB will be determined. Our company is not responsible for any losses that may occur due to price fluctuations in the crypto currency market.

4. Once you have accumulated a small amount of Bitcoin in our system, you can withdraw your account by logging in. To withdraw, you can open an account at a crypto money market and withdraw at your BTC or DGB address. You can keep your crypto money for investment in the stock market or sell it at any time.

5. Easy BTC Miner instantly shows your daily gain from Bitcoin, Satoshi and Digibyte. Your winnings depend on the power of your computer hardware. It is up to you to calculate your electricity cost when calculating your net profit.

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