What Is Bitcoin, Satoshi
and Digibyte

Bitcoin is a digital currency which has been created by legendary name Satoshi Nakamoto (nobody knows who is this guy yet) at 2009. Bitcoin is digital records chain which kept in a digital ledger. All Bitcoin creation and transaction records are kept in this digital ledger. Total supply of Bitcoin is 21.000.000. It is believed that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will take the place of the current money in the future.

Satoshi is penny of the Bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin consists of 100 million satoshis. Do not forget that one day each satoshi can be much more valuable than it is now.

DGB (Digibyte) is another crypto currency that emerged much later than Bitcoin. According to Bitcoin, transfer rate is high and transfer cost is very low. It is thought to be a good investment for mining or investing in small quantities. For this reason, Easy BTC Miner also offers you the opportunity to withdraw Bitcoins as DGB. The current price of the DGB is 183 Satoshi.

What is Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin is not a currency managed by a particular center. All records are encrypted by the miners around the world who include to the Bitcoin network and help encrypt the data. It is called mining to help encrypt the ledger records of crypto currency with computer processor (CPU), video card (GPU) or special hardware (ASIC Miner). When you are included in the network and help for encrypting the records, you will be given crypto money as a reward for you. You can sell these awards in crypto money exchanges or convert them into other investments.

How can I withdraw my mining income ?

Once you have accumulated a small amount of Bitcoin in our system, you can withdraw your earnings by logging in. To withdraw, you can open an account at a crypto money market and withdraw at your BTC or DGB address. You can keep your crypto money for investment in the stock market or sell it at any time. For your Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, you can register the most useful and stronge market Binance After registering and logging in go to Funds - Deposits and select BTC to get your Bitcoin address. You can withdraw to this address from your account.

Does mining break my computer ?

Crypto money mining uses computer hardware components at the top level. For this reason, there may be slowdown and warming in your system during mining. With our Easy BTC Miner software, we try to make crypto money without forcing your computer as much as possible. However, if you see signs of overheating and loud noise in your computer, it is your responsibility to continue mining. Our company is not responsible for any problems that may arise.

How much I make from mining ?

Easy BTC Miner instantly shows your daily gain from Bitcoin, Satoshi and Digibyte. Your winnings depend on the power of your computer hardware. It is up to you to calculate your electricity cost when calculating your net profit. Do not ignore that the price of crypto money has increased greatly over time, and that the low-yielding gain can be very valuable over time.

Is this software contains any viruses ? Why antivirues warning me ?

Easy BTC Miner does not contain any viruses. However, since crypto-currency miners use computer hardware at the top level, antiviruses perceive them as viruses. To prevent antivirus problems before running Easy BTC Miner, you need to add the folder that is installed to the list of exceptions of your antivirus software. You can learn how to do this from the website of your antivirus software.

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